Past Games

A dimmed, and a bit exaggerated, Childhood memory. Click link below to play on itch.io
Puzzle Platformer where you play as a tiny cog, making its way in the mechanisms of a giant clock to repair it from clogs of sand, and finally find its own place in the machine. Controls: WASD - D
@Home is a "hack-n-slash w/o hack-n-slash" survival game. The game attempts to capture the essential feelings associated with home for our group members. Home is the feeling of coming ba
A bunch of sneaky intruders are making a run across your lands. Their objective: Reach their spaceship and leave, to give away earth position by alerting their outer-space peers. You are moving from
I ♥ Attack takes place in a post-apocalyptic medical laboratory, where the player must develop a vaccine to a deadly virus that's about to wipe mankind. The game is an "immune system simulator", featuring a tower defense gameplay, where the player controls the different immune cells of the body - White Blood Cells are the 'attacker' type units, Red Blood Cells are the repair units and Garbage Collecting Cells are incharge of clearing out the battle-fields, or a virus might re-emerge. How to play: Click and hold one of the circles (top right) to start collecting friendly units (Cleaners/Healers/Defenders). Click on a body part to release. Once a cut has been opened inside a body part, viruses will begin attacking that body part, send in defenders to kill them, healers to heal the body part & cut and finally cleaners to gain DNA for improvements. Mouse scroller - Zoom in/out. Space - 1st person view of one of your friendly units. B - End the game.
You are a bad Cholesterol lump which tries to block your heart's arteries and "win" the game. Controls: Arrow Keys - for movement Space - Jump Enter - Kick ball

Hearty Games