Past Games

Players roleplay as matchmakers to matchmake singles with the best compatibility from a pool of singles
You attack and defend against other knights using swords and shields. You can also go to the merchant for gold, blacksmith for combat or weapons (build or repair), and doctor for health.
In The Hunter: An Unexpected Journey?, players hunt by themselves or as a team. Hunting solo allows players to keep rewards for themselves, but may not be able to defend animal attacks.
The Hunter: Wild Hunt is a card game where 1 player (village chief) brings all players on an optional hunt for food and bones (and maybe points?).
game of bones is a card game where players receive resources from the village chief to collect wood (points).
A Pilot entered Bermuda Square and doesn't know how to escape. If the Pilot crosses a barrier, the Pilot is forever lost. The Pilot depends on the Gods for directions, but the Gods have to
In Outbreak!, you assess patients to decide whether to treat or dismiss patients in an epidemic. Assessing patients provides information, treating patients rewards doctors with points, and
TRANS code MISSION is an analogue game that allows players to transmite a code or to crack a code, using logical thinking, deception and bribes. In each round there are 2 allies (one messenger and on
Connections is a 4 by 1 square pattern strategy game. Each player has their own secret pattern, which they would need to reform three times with the other color pieces.
"Hello, and welcome to this year's Grandmaster Illusionist World Cup! In Grandmaster Illusionist World Cup, grandmaster illusionists (players) summon their real and fake illusions to des
In this game, the players are various important daemons in the realm of Hell.
A Boss Battle with a twist! What will you do when you have cards that only other classes (players) can use?
The objective of the game is to reach Earth without getting hit by asteroids. You lose health when you hit an asteroid, and you lose the game when you lose all your health.
A game about cells fighting cells for the survival of the body.Full instructions in game. Alternate Downloads: Mac, .app: Windows, .exe: Browser, Windows, Mac, .swf: