Omar Rigoberto Hernandez Sapiéns

Past Games

This is a strategy game by turns. There is a mutant giant moleman underground that destroys the city and you need to find and stop him, you can guess his next attack position with the help of a tetri
A Power point power point and click adventure... finally
The universe is the amoubt of entropy, life and death. Side project, out of the comfort zone. Godot from scratc. Half the time.
"Machaca" for short. When somebody remembers home, he/she thinks of food.
Transmitimos buena onda
There is a droplet, and some leaves... and frogs.
Suspense has a rhythm, Cardiaca is a game where you have to keep yourself alive by controlling the heartbeats as you roam inside a dark house, with each beat you tap a sonar like sensor travel across the room revealing the area for a few seconds. Time is running short and you have to find the medicine for your condition before you run out of time!
In a future not far away, an extraterrestrial being invade the Earth killing almost all the human population. It was easy for the aliens to kill the man, because they have a special psychic ability that allows them to read human mind to know their plans, weaknesses and locations. Even if they have this ability, they still search for a small percentage of surviving humans, the blinds. Naturally deaf, the aliens came from a planet where there’s not sound, so they lost the hearing ability. In the middle of the city ruins lives a blind person, probably the last of his kind. Being blind right from his birth, he doesn’t know any kind of images, so it’s harder for the aliens to track him down, but still, he doesn’t know where he is. Hopeless and at the edge of committing suicide, the blind man hears in some random radio frequency about a safe place, far away from the invaders. Still, he decides to have a very dangerous journey, and then, he meets a dog with the ability to speak braille, the blind language. Because of this, the blind man understands the dog without difficulties, and the dog, knowing this, decides to help him in his journey being both his eyes and his guide.