Oleksandr Chepyha

Past Games

The game is about an Imperial Penguin called waves. He has mastered the art of Jet Ski and loves to pull some bodacious moves off on the open water.
Not many people know this but God and the Devil suffer from a major case of O.C.D. Their daily rituals consist of them destroying the good and bad companies of the world, for hours on end.
Play as a group of astronauts, crash-landed on a strange new planet.
You are sent on a mission by NASA to mine resources from a passing HUGE asteroid. Unknown to earth, while passing through an asteroid belt the HUGE asteroid brought some family friends along with it!
In the not too distant future, Billy Bopser, a 13 year old, fresh faced young scamp was listening to his mother reminiscing about her school days and how she learned the Alphabet by singing a song.
There's a philosophical yet mad bomber on the loose and he's killed all of the bomb squad.