Past Games

You’re a plucky young high school student with dreams of asking out the most beautiful/handsome student in the class. But, your watchful teacher is standing in your way.
TWO CRATE GAMES FOR THE ONE CRATE PRICE --- The Crate Escape: The Lost VR Missions Introducing The Wall™ - An unprecedented partnership of western engineering, and hard justice.
The key to a safe life is through a series of grueling rituals that drain you of any creative freedom or will to break out from your sheltered life.
"A moody suspense thriller with a twist.
A mysterious game which may or may not involve a caterpillar. Ok, actually it's about a virus or parasite or something. You're like this eaty guy who is eating up all the bad things to get bigger.
You are the warrior of Legend. It is you destiny to save the world from the Evil Wizard Dave. You'll be able to find Dave in level 100 of his tower. Now go kill him and stop bothering me. \ \ Lots of love - The Snake God XOX
Can you stop the last Dodo on earth from becoming extinct in an infinite side-scrolling platformer?