Past Games

WASD + Space Mouse for aiming the slingshot (as well as bashing without space bar) Ah, home.
Massively Controlled Democratic Roguelike game. Play this unique together with friends and stranger in your browser!
Sir Dave Saga is a young, aspiring, poet-warrior. Dave published his first poetry book ‘An Aztec Bonanza of a dynamic parade’.
An eerie first person exploration adventure with a memory-game mechanic, set in a mysterious foggy marsh land. Meet strangers carrying strange symbols, and try to find your path between them.
“Every heart has four rooms, just like our world. We are the four nations, and just like the blood flows through our heart, the water flows through us and gives us life. Yet every nation want the water, every nation needs them. Help us not to overuse them, help us not to hurt our neighbours”. Equilibrium is a sandbox game, which deals with resource management through puzzle-arcade.
Goal of the game-> Run as fast as you can -> Slam into to a wall as hard as you can
A top view survival shooter between several manic-robotic-insects. \ Along the shooting and running, player collects improved features, each one collected dumping the oldest existing one. \ One must find a good balance of features in order to survive longest.