Oded Kovach

Past Games

Babies are lost in the big Mediterranean sea. Help the whales to save them! Single & two players. Background inspired by Jaffa Port.
A quest inspired by Salvador Dali's art, played in VR.
Damnit! You just paid the rent yesterday! You’re trying to get used to this whole floating in space thing- Wait! What’s that? Your building is under attack!
Every thing that can go wrong in Tel Aviv goes wrong. Homeless people throw on you bottles, MeowTants attack you, and more.... What do we do now?
The game starts at the end of a video game. The hero kills all the bad guys, or so he thought... What do you do when you find out everything you did was wrong?
A game where you water a tree and nurture it and protect it against the hazards of nature. You can view our results here: http://tinyurl.com/ngl5bck
"Fractured" is a top/down turn-based puzzle game where players experience and deal with moments of paranoia and anger as well as lows and passivity; seeing the world through the eyes of thei
"Somewhere in this universe there is a planet, On this planet there is a cave, And in this cave there are microscopic, radioactive creatures called GEORGE. The GEORGE are jerks, you must eat t