Past Games

You, Claudia (female) or Romero (male), are a Liberal spy at a fancy ballroom party. There is a Fascist Agent who is spreading their Fascist ideology to the impressionable party guests.
a n ice breaking game
You are a witch looking to grow your convent of witches. At the start of the game you have no team. As you kill other players, they are recruited to your team to help kill more witches.
Librium is a survival horror sidescroller game where you play as a man distraught with paranoia.
Memory is a solemn point and click adventure game. You have woken up after passing out during a camping trip with your wife. You know you've been drinking a lot of wine, and your wife is gone. Is she simply lost, or did something more sinister happen to her?
Help the professor recover his crystals by using Robobs to solve logic puzzles as fast as possible!