Past Games

In this game you play an almighty being tasked with helping people break out of their boring, daily routines by coercing them to take a different route to work.
Rotarium is a two player game where you can twist and turn the cube to form a path to your destination! Made in 42 hours at the Global Game Jam 2015 in Hilversum, the Netherlands and winner of two
Nothing is what it seems...
Gather your friends and run for your lives! Peg Leg Rex is an angry and hungry dinosaur, you on the other hand are short and can't run too far! Help your friends by winding their gears or sacrifice them and save yourself by throwing them at the hungry Rex. controls: xbox controller Analog Stick : move A : Jump B: Pick up other player, release button to throw Y: Break free from being picked up X: Wind other player's gear