Past Games

In this game you steer a little energy particle. Initially, it has low energy but you can help that by making it oscillate.
You are highly profiled medieval monk - exorcist. Perform the ritual, so as to exorcise ghosts out of the cemetery. Light candles nearby activated monuments to take control over the graveyard.
This story, as many stories do, starts with a mistake made out of curiosity. What would you do, if you found an ancient amulet glowing ominously in the Magical University's library?
Move around using mouse drag or gamepad, collect shiny items, avoid monsters and make a combo by focusing on just one color. Be careful though, invisible monsters will pursue you.
Control the blood flow through a heart in a 2-player pinball-like game!
A game where you have to protect hamster from a snake.
roaches invade a kitchen to feed on leftovers and multiply. Owner is not happy about it.
A monkey in life-threatening situation. Will it survive? What secrets lie ahead?