Past Games

Help Gaterman repair the ham cannon in this alligator walking sim.
The best HGTV inspired dating sim you'll ever play.....also probably the only one but who's counting. Save your game often in this PG-13 rated adventure!
What are all these shadows, and how can I get back home?
You're a kid waking up late to sneak downstairs and grab cookies after your mother goes to sleep.
Join Gaterman at the ham buffet! Direct him where to go with your mouse and help him eat as much ham as possible.
Play as Squawko the parrot on his trip to the zoo, a point-and-click puzzle game about helping the zoo animals escape!
A stealth-based tabletop game about a group of 4-5 prisoners who've escaped their cells and are now making their way out of the prison complex.
A puzzle platformer where you, Kitao, must continue to do your ritual dance in order to move, complete puzzles, and progress.