Niklas Gløsen

Past Games

Pick up materials with left mouse button. Rotate blocks with scroll wheel. Place materials with left mouse button. Press ESC to give up. Build then repair, as high as you can.
Jesus is broken and you must fix him Credits: Niklas Gløsen Markus Lange Ingrid Olsen Ingvild Grotløkken Dexter André Osiander Menu music by David Wise
All these different babies and animals needs homes! Can you help them?
You got this.
Who's a good boi? Who's a good boi?
You are a person.
You are a pear. Deal with it.
Blast through space (literally) by propelling yourself with shock waves around your ship. You score points using the shock waves to blast asteroids together.
A musical battle arena! Control stick = move, A = jump, X = push.
Has the constant crashes of your 3d modeling program got you down? Take your rage out on this virtual reality student apartment! For use with HTC Vive
A voodoo doll created by an old lady to perform hits against various people. It accomplishes this by inflicting gruesome injuries upon itself.