Nicholas Lamb

Past Games

The stars align - the time is right! This is the night you will finally shut yourself in your room and watch all the anime on your to-watch list.
A city riddled by criminals and you are a lonely cop that is working the beat. Rid the city of all the scum that is crawling around. Remember, anybody can be a criminal. --- Game instructions ---
Detention is a short game meant to be played multiple times. Two students are locked in Detention and keep changing the game objective.
In East Asia, a belief is held that two people are connected through time and space by a red string of fate. We have interpreted this for our game as a red string directly connecting the two person's hearts together, even sharing the same heartbeat. Two players, connected by this string, must work together, not letting their tie break, for as long as possible. Controls: Player 1: W, A, S, D Player 2: Arrow Keys