Past Games

Dave broke his planet. Stick the floating chonks on to put it back together. Use tape, glitter glue and Dave's mum's stapler. Dave would help, but he's sleepy.
Bad Neighbors is a competitive lane based defense game that incorporates Collectible Card Game mechanics. You are the prestigious owner of the nicest house on the block.
You’re a plucky young high school student with dreams of asking out the most beautiful/handsome student in the class. But, your watchful teacher is standing in your way.
A voice input game for whales. Create and build your own roller coasters using only the power of your voice! Choose a blueprint and make some noise! The higher the pitch the taller the track.
Resurrect the butterfly's spirit using the elements to perform a forbidden ritual.
How can you possibly eat your tasty tasty meal without utensils?
Rabbit saga is a first person exploration game, where the player is presented with a situation that may not be as it seems.