Past Games

You play as Asa, a normal school boy trying to go through life's challenges, and dyslexia. Bullied for being dyslexic, you got into a serious accident that left you in a coma.
Balance is an isometric 3D game where you play as a no-named sailor who must repair and maintain the balance of the various factions of the Lost Islands by sailing around the world, collecting resourc
Top down shooter game kill and heal yourself, simple pixel-art game. [ WASD for Movement . Left Shift for Dash. Space for attack. ]
A 2D top-down casual videogame that puts you in the role of a politician that is repairing and breaking roads to gain votes while avoiding the police.
A local-multiplayer shooter arena game! Controls: Player 1 — Xbox Controller Player 2 — Xbox Controller Player 3 — WASD, Space Player 4 — Arrow Keys, ] (close bracket) Xbox Controls: Left S
experience a last minute nightmare like you've never seen before!
Space Traveling Debbie is a single-player defense game featuring Debbie, the space commander. Her mission is to go in and out of the alien's den injecting as much droplets of seeds as she can
It starts with a mini cinematic where a soldier sends a distress signal and you need to control the signal in order to go to its destination.