Past Games

Kaos is a being of evil energy that travelers the universe, feeding of space-time reality, changing new realities where inanimate objects come to life, bringing upon darkness and destroying everything
Un pequeño huérfano se enfrenta a un gran reto, pertenecer a una familia, y ahora deberá superar sus miedos y pesadillas que amenazan con llevarse lo poco que considera su hogar.
Its a game about communication where two characters (players) try to pass people with a catapult named coyote above a big wall where there are a lot of guards waiting to catch them.
Play with a vampire that turns into a bat that needs to get to his castle but while in bat form, his sight is limited but he has his ecowave to see whats comming on the way,
the relic that maintains the volcano sleep has been stolen and now the volcano is going to blow and destroy the village.
disfruta de un juego entretenido que usa como tema la comida paisa. Arrastra lo que es el chicharron y la arepa y llévala a su respectivo plato y suma puntos superando tu record personal.
A kid face his fears and the world becomes his world.