Past Games

It's a game in VR about connecting red or blue points in the sky in to form forms and get points.
This is a horror game in which you are an astronaut trapped inside a ship filled with horrible lurking creatures. You must find the keys to exit before the monsters found you.
Warm is a walking simulator about those people that have to look hard to find that coziness in their homes.
Un misterioso parásito alienígeno amenaza con tomar el control de la nave interestelar ULYSES.
It's about waves and stuff...
Joseph traiciono a sus amigos y Dios para castigarlo lo obliga a hacer rituales. El juego es 2D y Joseph debe cumplir incesantemente con la voluntad de su señor!
the cult is a First Person View game, where the player needs to escape from a ritual event which is about to happen inside a dungeon temple.
This game is all about cooperative gaming, Migue and Ramona care a lot for each other, but suddenly Migue falls into a cave.
El Juego trata sobre como dos realidades distintas comparten un mismo mundo. Se controlan simultaneamente dos personajes en dos mundos paralelos y ambos deben cooperar para sobrevivir y avanzar. E
HOB 5000 wakes up in the year 3856. Now the robots are vanished by the humans and HOB is the last hope for the robot raze. he has to avoid any human to destroy him until he figured out what happened to the world