Past Games

Neoff is an abstract puzzle game. Move by clicking an adjacent tile. You must only move to a tile with opposite color to your tile.
Un jeu pour vous aider à avoir des conversations. À essayer avec votre frère, votre mère, votre voisin, votre conjoint, etc.
Pack your things and go explore the universe. Drag and drop the items you wish to bring with you to the next planet. Rotate with spacebar, tab or leftclick Try to have a balanced life.
2 to 4 players. X-Box controllers. In a classroom full of raving kids, will your love letter reach your sweetheart?
This game is entirely audio.
Let's burn things and do magic stuff. Mouse only.
A boardgame about mind reading and democracy
2 player game. One player have controls but cannot see the traps and obstacles. The other player sees everything, but have no control.
Pump like crazy to power up this factory! Instructions: Bring the little white puffy balls to the pink monster. The robot arms will take care of that for you. You just have to take care of their batteries by clicking the orange button and pumping like crazy. Controls: Pump with the spacebar and click to recharge the batteries. NO END GAME IMPLEMENTED YET. Sorry!