Past Games

Sun-bot tribes is a game where two tribes of robots worship their own color. That's why they build a tower to the sun in order to change the wavelength of its light and color.
Héritage is a 2D narrative scroller. You play as the chief of the village and their child, who have to bring an offering to the dragon living in the mountain.
An astronaut is being in danger when his station hits a meteorite in space.
You are a soul invisible, bodyless. But you get some indications about your position by looking at the moving leaves, the grass on the ground, the waves on the surface of water.
Genre: Reflexion, platformer Story: You are a defenseless little boy who enters a Dark Castle. Why ? It's what you will discover... You have to finish levels without dying. The particularity of the game is that you are plunged into darkness. Use light to see and memorise the level. But be carefull, the light is not eternal and activate it allows knights to see you. But if you stay too long in the dark, the boy panic, and cry... and anothers evil creatures come to kill you. 3 important and descriptive words: -Anxiety -Reflexion -Exploration
The snake Jörmungand grew so much that he enclose the world and can eat his tail. Condamned to stay in his own animal cycle, he cannot reach the superior level. Players have the goal to escape the animal state and catch the celestal level with crypted norvegian runes, the celestian eyes will help them to learn which one will help them to grow ...