Past Games

Stock market used to be a thing for the wealthy ones. Until some weebs appeared and proved that wrong.
Two famous opera singers fight singing in this 2 players vs arcade game. Drop the chandelier over the rival by singing the correct note the louder you can.
An ugly witch and her black cat perfom a ritual to defeat a huge monster while fighting zombies and bats.
Un gato osofóbico busca encontrarse a si mismo, persiguiendo a su contraparte gatuna. Para lograrlo debe lidiar con un mundo que se ve afectado por sus emociones.
Your heart will tell you when to see. In this platforme game, the main character is a heart that navigates a dungeon while collecting pills that make her heartbeat vary. The screen blinks at the rate of the heartbit, so the player must play blindly part of the time.
A steampunk puzzle game.
In this puzzle, the player must rotate the circles to generate matching pathes one by one.
Charge a steampunk engine with steam balls that travel through various discs with holes, by rotating the discs in a way that will let the steam balls reach the core of the engine.