Past Games

Translate a pixel image that is being sent to you in waves/rounds of color. Each layer sent to you, represents a different color in the final image.
Navigate MANDOO, the useless but cute-as-shit blind wiener dog, to her favorite treat- CARROTS!
After a devastating space battle, all but your ship's most critical systems are down. You retreat to a nebula, obscuring yourself from enemy sensors. Still, they scour the nebula in search for you. You can only detect them with your H.E.A.R.T.B.E.A.T. sensor, a simple pulse from which you have to manually ascertain their location and heading. With your weapons systems crippled, you need to destroy them before they find you. It's a shot in the dark.
The killer rabbits are taking over. Save the world by picking the docile rabbits and smashing the killer rabbits to extinction!
Multiplayer Coffee Chaos, Speed and observation are important to cornering enough customers to maintain your coffee shop. Deceive your opponent by sabotaging their espresso machine and business operations. Different drinks and attacks will make this frantic "fighter" an entertaining game. Cash wins the competition so sell that hot cup o' joe and make your fortune in this up close look at the coffee world.