Past Games

The year is 2500, the place is the super secret cloning facility of the Vatican. Getting bored Pope Francis the 300th tries to escape from the venue. But getting out seems not as easy as it is.
"A basement full of..." is a two player cooperative game in top down view where a boy and a girl have to meet somewhere in a basement labyrinth filled with bloodsucking zombies and brutal clowns. Sounds easy? The thing is: Only one player's room is lit at a time and both players can toggle at any time who's current room has its light turned on. Light of course attracts the monsters but without light you have no chance to finde your way through the labyrinth. Note: The version of "A basement full of..." provided on this page is the version we ended up with at the end of the GGJ. Actually there is an online playable version with small improvements (mainly polishing and bugfixes) available here:
You need to infiltrate the 16 color universe. In order to do this you need to trick the system by merging with the surroundings. The deeper you are inside the system the trickier it will be to deceive it. Layering another player with color is the key to unlocking more levels. Help us paint each other!