Past Games

You need to send this message home. It will be the most important message of your life.
Routines is a card game about guessing the routine of your opponent and trying to get rid of your own cards in a way so nobody guesses yours. There is a implementation for 4 players on PC but it ca
Everyone wants to summon demons. Here is your chance to learn how to actually do it!
You are a whale and and travel through the body of a person to get to the hart. We were not able to include the Intro Video (Intro.mp4) into the Game. Please view it before playing. The Game makes a lot more sense after viewing it :-D This game was developed for Kinect and a Xbox 360 Gamepad however it should work also with keyboard and a Xion. Controls: Fire with: -L and R of Xbox 360 Gamepad -Spacebar Change Shot with: -X,A,B,Y of Xbox 360 Gamepad -y,x,c,v of Keyboard Move Up-Down-Left-Right: -Left Joystick of Xbox 360 Gamepad -Arrows of Keyboard Use the Kinect or Xion sensor and your hands for Targeting.