Past Games

Use your smartphone as a game controller. “Plug” your device to a cereal box and smash the box with your hands to control your monster and generate real waves on screen.
When in nature, many animals perform rather odd and peculiar courtship rituals. The Maratus Volans, commonly known as “peacock spider”, is one such animal. To best his competitors in impressing the
A deathmatch arena/party game where the players take decisions about new rules together.
An unconventional Dating-sim with a twist. If you act like a monster, you gonna see monsters. Try to date a sweet girl without hurting her heart. Otherwise she will transform into the monster that
You can't see anything, but you can feel the fear of your preys and find them by their heartbeat. Hold firmly your x-box controller, roam around the level and feel the rumble: the closer you'll get to your terget the stronger its heartbeat will be.