Past Games

The uncle's reception is terrible, it's your job to ensure he has a pleasant TV viewing experience. Move the antenna around and look for the correct TV transmission to the correct TV shows!
2D top down exploration game, where you play a submarine in which have plunged into a dangerous abyssal ocean in search of artifacts.
You are a gnome who tries to please the Goddess in a mystical temple in the Middle East. To do so, you need to pass through the trials that challenges your senses and your purity.
"What Do We Do Now?" - is one of the most often heard question ever since we can remember. Many takes for granted for their actions after the question. Or do they?
This game is for 3 players, no more, no less! Each player controls a snake with a particular element, and each is weak to one snake and strong against the other! Your goal is to eat as much of t
About a bandit who can surf on neon rainbows. Player needs to alternate between colors to pick up color coded points.
A game of a beating life on a fragile line, from the first heartbeat at birth, to the last at death. You will embark on a journey of life as a person's heart, supporting them throughout the struggles of life to their last breath. This game is made in appreciation to our hearts, which beats non-stop without missing a beat to keep all of us alive. This is why we are alive, because our hearts are always our "Lifeline".