Past Games

The stars align - the time is right! This is the night you will finally shut yourself in your room and watch all the anime on your to-watch list.
A city riddled by criminals and you are a lonely cop that is working the beat. Rid the city of all the scum that is crawling around. Remember, anybody can be a criminal. --- Game instructions ---
The United States of Dramarica has spiraled into a state of anarchy. Dramaricans are fleeing the country in large waves, leaving a ripple that is felt all across the globe.
Play through the modern rituals of life, you cannot execute your basic functions unless you obsessively keep up with your digital life. Can you balance your clumsiness and social media skills?
Two brothers just finished playing a NES-game for the tenth time and get bored with it. "What do we do now?" One brother asks.
This game WAS about a hero's journey as he discovers new states of being that influences the environment and NPCs in the game. Turns out, he wasn't the only hero around.