Past Games

Corre el año 384 después del descubrimiento de la partícula de Unamok. El mundo está sumido en el caos, la guerra por la partícula llega a su punto más desesperante.
Space Rescuer Log #0001 This is my first mission in deep space. We have received a distress signal from a crashed ship. Scanners show faint life signs, so command decided to send a rescue team. I hope we are not too late to find survivors. Space Rescuer Log #0002 Ship's systems seem to be malfunctioning. Lights are out, but door and defense mechanisms are operational. So far, there are no signs of survivors, but scanners still show some kind of life signs. Space Rescuer Log #0003 I have lost radio contact with my crew, and I can't seem to find a way back to the rescue ship. I feel like there is something there in the dark, lurking, watching me.....wait, what was that ? . . . . . FUUUUUUUCK !!! ----------------------------- What happens when the rescuer needs to be rescued ? Distress Signal II will remind you why we humans, deep in our hearts, are afraid of the dark. Play as a rescuer astronaut who's trapped in the dark, deep inside a spaceship. Beware of the creatures that lurk in the dark. Fortunately, you have your thrust wordy flashlight...but no energy source is infinite, and if you don't take care, you will remain in the dark...anything but alone. -------------------------- Post mortem (by lechuckGL): Distress Signal II started as Death Space. The game is about an astronaut alone in a chashed ship who has to reach the communications room to check the distress signal. In this path, he would have to solve puzzles, find keys to open up some doors, while keeping his headlight's battery reservs. He would also find monsters that would attack him from the darkness, but would flee from the light. The original idea was for the player to be able to change the light's power, so he could see farther and scare monsters before they have a chance to get close...but, by doing this, he would consume more energy, and running out of energy would mean death by those creatures....saldy, we where not able to implement this feature. Levels where supposed to be procedurally generated. We managed to generate an algorithm that generated solvable levels, including mazes, puzzles and fetch quests....but we where not able to implement it, so we had to generate one level manually. But when we implemented the map, we found some problems with the player's movement: something in the collision detection was making controlling him impossible ! Damm, 10 minutes to go and we have and unplayable game..... At the end, we could not fix this issue. So the game is there, but it's not working. If you want to check the source, feel free to do it. If you are a Unity guru and think you could fix it, take your best shot :)
Two bikers in a race to Valhalla for their lives! 2 Player competitive greatness in epic pixel proportions!