Morco San

Past Games

This is a meta-game that has the game jam as the story setting.
A game jam meta-game. Things to see: 1) how to connect all game jammers 2) a game played by everyone 3) home, which is us 4) a map, a list and a lot of ideas 5) a lot of wisdom from all jammers
Story's summary: "The event is viewed through a journalist's eyes, attending for the first time, surprising every bit of spicy detail." This is a story inspired by the Global G
Board game. Hexagonal map, player versus player gameplay. Each player has three lives and have to be the last one standing. Different types of tiles: spawn points, vulcano, portals, water C
A board game for mages, made on the theme of “Ritual”. The game is designed to be played in teams of 2 or 3 players. You have a start tile and a finish tile.

Hearty Games