Past Games

Top down puzzle where you control both characters with the same input. Explores the duality of genders.
A game about repairing and identifying the dreams of individuals. Lead Programmer & Creative Director: Henrik Goldsack Programmer: Martin Vadseth Høiby Lead Artist: Tobias Edvardsen
Dogfighting 2 player game.
You work for the greatest AAA video game studio in the world. However, lately you’ve been facing an Issue - for some reason your company is going bankrupt!
The play game button broke, you pressed too hard! Whatever are you gonna do now? You can't play the game! Dont worry, we hid some stuff in the option menus to help you fix it!
If you stop, they drop! A bunch of people are running away from pain and destruction in a vaporwave inspired visuals.
Ride around Australia in your mini-van and save it from the deathly fires!
Oh no! Your spaceship has been hit by an asteroid and you're now drifting around in space! Well, you better get to working, because you have a ship to fix. SO GO ON!
You live in a mansion and you really have to pee, but there is only one toilet. Find your way to the toilet before you pee your pants!
This is a musical space adventure where you are a lone space traveler searching for a new home. Steer your space ship and visit different planets to see if you can find a suitable planet to settle on.