Past Games

You are the mighty and fair heroine of the realm. Everybody knows it's you, who saves the world on a daily basis. But...
You and your fellow Satanists have found the pit that leads straight to hell. Now you only have to get all the way to the bottom of it by avoiding all kinds of well meaning christian obstacles.
The Evil Bunny God has awakened. Thou shall be warned, all innocent bystanding bunnies will be turned through dark rituals. You are the evil god of bunnies.
You and your friends plan to go out this evening. You have an idea where you want to go and need to convince your friends to choose your favorite location.
Your epic Quest for Loot and Honor is finally over! You slayed the very last Boss and you won. ... And now? Guess what?! There's one last level you've missed so far!
Story: As Thomas' wife died in a car crash, he couldn't recover from the pain it inflicted. Thomas is blind and cannot manage his everyday live by himself.