Past Games

Knock the space sheep off the island to turn them into clouds! Avoid the space rancher -- he repairs all the fences!
The Yeti of Oao Mountain is filled with sorrow. Dodge his waves of anguish to find the path to his heart and show him the light of friendship.
Tiki Tantrum is an epic tale of panic in the pacific islands.
The city of roboburgh is in chaos. Only our rocketeer heroes can save the day -- but they have a split personality! Get the gems. Kill the robots with your jetpack. Avoid the spikes.
You're a key member of this Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team. The catch? You're colorblind and can only see one color!
WINNER OF THE JUDGES' CHOICE AWARD, Pittsburgh. WASD to move. Hold SPACEBAR to charge your defibrillator and release to use it. YOU are on a mission to make either the RED or BLUE HOSPITAL loads of money (and save lives). Revive the at-risk populations and send them on their way to treatment, health, and ballooning debt, in this local-multiplayer game. Our hearts are in the work.
Use a time machine and a penchant for auto-cannibalism to pull off the most bizarre cover-up conceivable.