Past Games

内容の欠けた本にページを差し込んでいくゲーム 本来ではありえない物語のトライ&エラーを楽しむ
I am currently planning a project with the theme of protecting my family. The moon and creation are a big theme. I expressed the Union of the Moon and the Earth.
Transmission Fairy "Templin" incorporates a special ore "weathernium" produced in the dungeon and changes the thermal conductivity of the body. He can melt ice, freeze water, etc.
Oh god… I cannot be late today…! To take an advantage, I must reach to the first car in the rush hour train before it reaches Tokyo station! Let`s see if I could struggle through the “wave” of peopl
「俺より強いベタに会いに行く」 ベタは闘魚と呼ばれ、オス同士の縄張り争いは激しい攻撃を伴います。 相手のベタを縄張りの外に追い出し、メスのベタに食べさせると生き残って勝利となります。 世界で一番強いベタを目指しましょう! " I'm gonna meet stronger Betta than me.