Past Games

Appease the gods with your offering and bring in the rain. The gods will only grant you maximum precipitation with the right items in the right order.
The game is a top-down, team-based deathmatch shooter. Players on the winning team have a disadvantage: all players appear to be on the same team, making it difficult to know who to shoot.
Turn based, web game where you control the board rather than your character to keep the monsters at bay. Board game inspirations: 'Robo Rally' and 'The Stars Are Right'.
Take control of your spirit in limbo as you via against other players to be reborn. \ Players take turn trying to achieve their goals before they run out of moves and their turn ends. When that happens, another player takes control of the character and tries to complete their goals. It's a battle of wills as you try to outsmart your alter egos, and make sure you are the one reborn from the train station of limbo.
Try and save your species from extinction by building up a chain of locations to migrate to your new breeding grounds. But beware of predators, natural disasters and other species trying to save themselves.