Past Games

A family is moving to another home. You are one of the members of this family. There is not much space in the van...but everyone wants to put inside as many of their own objects as they can.
Monsters fight using seawaves to wave goodbye one another and win the fight for survival!!
You must serve the costumers as they arrive. Each of them will ask for a drink, which needs to be made using a specific ritual (recipe). You should guess the ingredients by the looks of the costumer!
It's a game about escaping a prison using your mental abilities.
I Chew You is a multiplayer and party game of intuition an deception, winner of the best game award at the Barcelona Game Jam. Find out which "Chewie" you are and eat the other players before they do the same with you! Choose wisely which Chewie to eat or you'll explode! Jump with the green button and bite with the red button. ** Note **: Download: Please use our Alternative Upload folder to download your OS version (Win, Mac):