Milk Jooce

Past Games

Race the other sperm to the egg!
Sam got wrecked and is stranded on an island. Alas, there is no boat in sight! Time to find some driftwood and build a raft!
A Twine-based game that was made so I could learn Twine. You play as a student of The Three Disciplines who seeks revenge after the destruction of his dojo.
Operation: REDACTED is a 2D Cyberpunk puzzle-under-pressure game where you play as [REDACTED], remotely managing a dysfunctional team of misfits.
In Animal Disco you play a shapeshifter who has come to a party attended by animal human hybrids.
A mad fun cat and mouse game which is all about a difference in perception.
A 2D platformer experience through a treacherous cavern lit only by a flame burning in the eye of the player-character.