Past Games

Swim Lessons is a short arcade game about saving struggling swimmers by throwing them life preservers.
It's bedtime, but you don't want to go to bed. You want cookies. Sneak to the kitchen without getting caught!
You've found yourself in a home where something horrible has happened. It's up to you to find the crime that has been committed, and figure out your place in the story.
Meat makes us go! This is physics puzzle game inspired by the ridiculousness of the human body and my surprise at seeing the frailty of the human body in 2nd grade health class. The goal is to drive a ball to the black square exit on the level. Clicking on the floor tiles will generate a wave that will push the ball along. Multiple clicks that produce intersecting waves will accumulate and make taller waves. Leap over chasms, jump walls and walk along perilous pathways. This game was made for the 2013 Global Game Jam along with RunJumpDev.
We invented science and we stand by our creation. Now we are setting our sites on the destruction of all that exists. But we only have 48 hours so we are just going to make a game.