Past Games

Point and click game. Click on the ground to move. Pick up items by dragging them into your inventory. Use items by dragging them onto other objects.
You are a duck. And the world has just seen a terrible storm.
Your whole neighborhood is about to be erupted from a volcano, and you want to save as many items as possible, including living beings.
A hectic local multiplayer brawler, where you can steal the enemies' powers. NB! Due to the game's controls, it can ONLY be played with xbox controllers (Any other type of controller wil
You play as a small child at a beach where you have to defend yourself from the terrifying horrors of the deep seas! Build sandcastles, collect seashells and survive the onslaught of seacreatures!
growing up an orphan in a monestary. kung fu fighting with a staff. history repeating itself for better or worse.