Past Games

Once upon a time, away from any wars and battles, in a seamingly peaceful place called Elk Mountain witches from all over the world gather to devote sacrificial lamb and complete the ritual before th
Rolling Sheep is a very addictive logic game, in which player must swipe horizontaly and verticaly to tell the whole in-game world what to do and help little sheep get to portal.
NOT another tower defense game
This game is a survival horror with the elements of escape game type. We have to carry our main character through the series of terrifying and shocking situations. But, we have to do it calmly, our main character heart beat rate is 80 in common, but it will soon grow up because of the scary monsters we will meet ahead. 220 beats per minute, it's the maximum that human body can take; in another words, you'll die if your heart beat will be greater then 220. Struggle through mazes and misteries, avoid scary monsters and stay calm, its your only way out...