Mike G

Past Games

How to play: (Oculus Quest and Link) 1. Left Joystick to move (slide) around the scene. Right Joystick to turn your view left or right. 2.
Farm Fighter is a 1v1 local competitive game that combines: 1) the theme and crop growing systems of farming sims... 2) the grid-based movement from Megaman Battle Network... 3) the last hitting me
A broken robot desperately needs a good repair. On his way, he meets an angel who helps guide him along the way to find his purposes.
Flip through the pages of your favorite book. It's a fighting game! Using your phone, swipe left and right to flip through the pages of your book. Every page has a weird, magical effect.
In this high-intensity four-player game for console and PC, 2 teams compete to maneuver a radioactive ball through a dimensional portal into the other team's territory, collecting points for each