Past Games

You recorded an album last night. It's not good. You've lost your band members. Find them. Survive the hangover. Re-record everything.
Clockwork tower requires your attendance! Pidgeons are making a menace in your tower you must do something! Use controller to play: arrows - movement a,r1 jump b,l1 action right joystick - aim
Your boat is sinking, sharks are around you. You and your team can save the day if you work together.
In Tribal Trouble, the main character is trying to save his tribe from vicious conglomerates. This tribe has natural powers to empower the amazon rain forest and wild life. Help this tribe by destro
In this cute game player need to escort the offspring to safety. The level consist of variety of obstacles, hazards and riddles.
*Note, the first mystery picture which appears to the screen is a kind of like a experimental story telling comic. :) Brief Story A nation of energy creatures called Wotos are being butchered by a Watsu mechanic spieces which invaded their world from a dimension door 4 years ago. Wotos are nearly extinct but thankfully old defense mechanics are being activated to protect the remaining the remaining survivor! You have to escort the last of their kind to make it to the space ship to help the escape. I used Game Maker,Photoshop and Audiacity. I hope you enjoy the game!
In the darkest depths of hell - Someone has stolen the Lyre of great Demon Pythius. He who possesses this enchanted item has the power to infiltrate the minds of any living being! Unfortunately the minions of Pythius are searching for the Lyre and they're willing to do anything to get it back! By collecting the forgotten notes the Lyre will gain more power. To be able to continue your journey you sould deceive your enemies with the Lyres amazing powers. Use arrow keys to move around and space to shoot bursts of melodies.