Past Games

Put yourself in the shoes of a jew in a concentration camp, holding for dear life. it's night time, past curfew, and you're starving. The game plays as a board game.
Massive movement is an collaborative game for an unlimited number of players playing at the same time.
Staircrossed is a 2 players co-op, two buttons (one for each player) game, where players take the role of a boy and girl who are in love but live separately in two adjacent buildings that are infested with monstrous neighbors. The goal in the game is for both players to reach the rooftop that connects their buildings and meet each other. The trick comes with the one button control, only one player can advance forward at the time but both players go backwards together. Players will need to sync their movements in order to advance in the floors and to escalate to the upper floor.
This game can be played by 2-4 people. \ The purpose of the game is to solve an alchemy riddle. \ Where one of the players will take the Alchemist role. \ \ ** I am making a nicer game rules document and will update it shortly ** \