Past Games

To play this - get some Anaglyph (red/blue) 3D glasses and use scissors and tape to make one set of red filter glasses and one set of blue filter glasses. One player will be wearing a set of red fi
A 2 player local multiplayer brawler. Fight as either a de-forester or an ape to protect what you hold dear. Made specifically to be played with Donkey Kong Bongos
The House has lain empty a long time. Perhaps once it was a dwelling, a home, but something in its mind of mortar and stone has come to recognise that this is no longer the case. The House stare
Uh-oh, the occultic ritual-performing locals have taken things out of control, and they've caused a timeloop of never-ending days of ritual!
Biggs and the Funky Boys have really got themselves into trouble this time! They found a doorway to an alternate dimension where nothing is as it seems, surrounded by horrifying monsters and...
A puzzle platformer about a mystical robot, finding out what he can do with technology and magic.