Past Games

Race to Rapture is the game of competitive worship!
The player's job is to infiltrate the Mayor's ball and put an end to his deeds.
Embark on an adventure of microscopic proportions to locate and eradicate a malicious tumor inside the human body; guided only by pulsing light of the heart. Navigate through a maze and avoid deadly enemies in the dark to reach the source of infection.
Roll'em Golem is a challenging puzzle game. You must collect three pieces of a medallion in order to complete a stage. \ \ You will
In a world where a meteor destroyed his entire planet, the last remaining dinosaur is out for revenge on the whole freakin' galaxy. Harnessing a spacecraft born from a shooting star, this T-Rex won't rest until every other world becomes.... EXTINCT!
Deceptive Platformer is a 2-d action game the plays on the common conceptions that surround platforming games. Platforms are no longer safe havens, they reverse your controls, alter your gravity, and bend your perception of reality. Your goal is to reach the door at the end of each stage while managing a myriad of mind boggling, deceptive, platforms.