Michael Graham

Past Games

You're a Junior QA Intern, testing a new 3D nodal editor system. Connect the nodes to fix the broken levels, all for less than minimum wage!
An Asymmetrical multiplayer game where a number of 'humans' are trying to move into their new home before the 'ghost' scares them off. Play as either a team of humans or the ang
Trading on the high seas! Sail your ship from port town to port town, buying and selling goods to make as much money as possible before the timer runs out. But beware!
Complete the summoning ritual! Feed your monster and keep him safe until he is strong enough to wreck the town! Collect the resources and master the combinations!
A 2- player hotseat murder mystery game, where one player must hide a body somewhere in the mansion, and the other player must find the body within a certain time period. "It's like clu