Michael Bibeau

Past Games

This is a simple search and find game using some light humor from our childhood playing Marco-Polo in the swimming pool.
A Koala's home is a place of safety, security and comfort. But what happens when daily life starts to throw entropy in to that balance?
An epidemic has broken out. Before the apocalyptic end of the world you must work with your colleagues to find the cure. Be careful.
A game of aerial intercepts and beer appreciation. Use your LIDAR equipped A.L.E. fighter to detect the Red bombers and Guard the land of Blue from the surly land of Red.
This project follows the 2016 prompt "Ritual". In "Basic Fighter Maneuver" (BFM) training, pilots use a strict, pre-scripted set of parameters to begin a training engagement.
You're facing imminent death within virtual reality and you must to act quickly to survive. Made in VR exclusively for the Oculus Rift.