Past Games

A 2D SHMUP game with increasing input lag. as you move away from the earth the transmission of controls begins to have lag
Un Shoot 'em Up sobre conejos que luchan por defender a su gente de la inminente invasion que el ejercito de los caninos ha lanzado contra ellos. el jugador posee un ataque principal cuya tr
A lost astronaut fights for the right to not die at the hands of an alien tribe with all the rights to kill him.
La interminable y desafiante busqueda de la libertad y los intereses de un pedazo de roca de tonelada y media que luchara contra su propio destino, moviendose. Un juego desarrollado por industrias
A game inspired and oriented towards creating a feeling of true emphaty on the player by means of using sarcasm and an absolute lack of soap opera and JRPG clichés
Captain Pip’s spaceship crash-landed somewhere in space. Maybe his piloting skills were getting a bit too rusty. Maybe an asteroid hit him. In any case, he’s got a problem. To survive, he must now find his way out of the spaceship to set off the SOS signal before his oxygen runs out. To play this game: Captain Pip navigates through different levels of the ship to get to the surface of his spaceship, where, presumably (he’s hoping), his distress signal beacon still works. He toggles switches to open doors and collect batteries to keep his oxygen suit powered. Tap to move Captain Pip. To switch gravitational directions to access nuisance switches, swipe left, right, up or down.