Melvin Tu

Past Games

The person on the player side has control (a,d, space) The player cannot see obstacles or objectives. The navigator has to guide the player through the game to the objectives. Try to get as
It's a minion maze
The game takes you through the thoughts of a man in meditation, attempting to work through problems he's having. Our game is an adventure game that reveals changes in gameplay + aesthetic with
A 2- player hotseat murder mystery game, where one player must hide a body somewhere in the mansion, and the other player must find the body within a certain time period. "It's like clu
Four ancient Egyptian pharaohs have been buried together in the same pyramid. This has caused their mighty mummies some unrest in the afterlife which can only be solved by a battle to the undeath.
* Idea: What player do if game has good tutorial. I create character for game mascot.
When we can't trust the game instructions, "what do we do next?"