Past Games

In a team of 2, race your Mech against the opposing team. Repair it as quickly as possible as it makes pit stops on the track.
Build your homeworld shield while destroying your enemy's.
Competitive Multiplayer. Transmit your disease through the crowds. The intercom will announce flash sales that spawns hordes of shoppers. Cough on them before they leave and earn the most points!
For Canada's 150th: The classic rivalry of English vs French. Shout waves of insults to your fellow compatriot. Requires 2 Players and 2 xbox controllers.
Most swag competitive multiplayer game.
"So we were on the camel and it died then we fell in a dungeon and idk, what do we do now?" Camelus Labyrinthum is a multiplayer dungeon crawler.
Gain Karma by mingling with the flowers and interacting with the world. Please the flowers and attain enlightenment. Watch out! Some actions are taboo, do not piss them off.
An evil force named Viscerius has stolen the heartbeat of the world. 4 Hip Hop beat heroes must get it back. Pick up the rhythm and match the beat, and rid the world of darkness. A multiplayer beat 'em up side-scroller game, with a pinch of fantasy and Hip Hop. Gain attack combos by timing your punches with the drums/snare of the game soundtrack to perform damage combos on your enemies. Defeat 4 minibosses and venture through 4 levels to Viscerius.
Plato is a badass, the Ouroboros can't take him down!
All you know of your world is a giant stem. Hatching, you grapple up to make your way and find food to spawn while avoiding airborne enemies. Your survival is tied to how you thrive but beware the path you make; your choices cannot escape a death!
Undoor the Lock is a single player top-down puzzle game that puts you in the role of a courageous knight that must enter a dark dungeon to do... knightly things! Expect the unexpected, and above all don't let your senses guide you!