Past Games

A portable Escape Room AR experience where players need to solve the mystery behind the shady VIR Corporation.
You are a 90 years old astronaut on the Moon, still living with his mom. Today you decided to finally grow up and move out.
The player takes control of a heroic pill that is healing ill blood cells and trying to eliminate the Virus. Options for single player and 2 players, more fun playing with friends, one person contr
It is a game made in the 3dpl programming langauge about a dragon destroying Tokyo ドラゴンが東京を壊すゲームです.3dplで制作しています.
Bring peace to the whole world, by the ritual of holding hands with friends.
There was an accident on our grassland for disabled sheeps. Our little fellows are scared and run. As a Time Shepherd You need to help them to reach safe place.
Animals are your only friends, "Dr Dolittle". With your enormous empathy you can fill them. Their fears, their emotions, their life. They sympathize with you, so they will help you escape.
Player manipulates blood cell trying to transport as much oxygen to heart as possible. To do it player has to avoid collisions with obstacles and enemies.

Hearty Games