Past Games

Carlito go home is the adventure of a Spacial Minner who must do everything possible to return home. It has compatibility with Joystick and Keyboard.
---- [ENGLISH] ---- Super Pipe Heart is a 2 player game. Each player is in love with the girl of red dress. But she will choose the only one who can fight for her love and meet her first. Who will win her heart?? You need to make your own way between the pipes of the map and go to the center of the level. There are items that will increase or decrease your speed, and 5 types of pipes with different entries and exits. You can change the rotation of each pipes. So in this game you have two options: build your way to your beloved, or disturb the path of your opponent. ---- [ESPAÑOL] ---- Super Pipe Heart es un juego para 2 jugadores. Cada jugador se está enamorado de la chica vestidad de rojo. Pero ella escogerá a aquel que pueda pelear por su amor y reunirse con ella primero. ¿Quién ganará su corazón? Necesitas crear tu camino entre tuberías del mapa e ir hacia el centro del nivel. Existen items que incrementarán o disminuirán tu velocidad, y 5 tipos de cañerías con diferentes salidas y entradas. Puedes cambiar la rotación de cada tubería. Así que en este juego tienes 2 opciones: construir tu camino hacia tu amada, o desordenar el camino de tu contrincante.
You're a something, running, searching for something.
A board game with circles, wich rotate.
The game is about desperation and the extinction of hope, signified by (visually) losing letters from your vocabulary and thereof making impossible to express words formed by lost ones.